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We love what we do

Vegano Flavors is for us an extension of the vegan idea. We have fought for human rights in our lives and feel strongly connected to the rights of animals. 

A matter of principle

Meat consumption cannot be a solution for us. We see ourselves as mediators of culture. Through this new way of eating we confirm our decision to stand on the side of nature and to be active for an ethical consumer culture.

We are Vegano Flavors

Housam Abo Essa born 1987, Palestinian from Syria, raised in Damascus and Kenan Alaisami born 1991 in Damascus are the creators of Vegano Flavors.

We are proud that the first purely vegan-Arabic restaurant
to be able to operate in Germany.

Housam Abo Essa

Owner / Service

Kenan Alaisami

owner / cook

What our guests say


I come to the Vegano Flavor regularly. I love the boys and the food every time. I am still puzzling how they do it with the meat.


I am on the road a lot. Nevertheless I want to eat healthy. No problem with the delivery service of Vegano Flavor. It's delicious every time.


The two of us always take a trip to Prenzelberg. Vegano Flavors is always a fixed address for us. I had to persuade Mika first. But after the first time, she loves the food.


Two to three times a year I am in Berlin and visit friends. I like the oriental food in Vegano. I will definitely come back.

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