arabic - oriental - 100 % vegan
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Raumerstrasse 6 - 10437 Berlin
Sun – Thurs 12:00 – 22:00 | Fri – Sat 12:00 – 23:00 

...and an idea was born.

Usually one associates with oriental cuisine, a lot of meat and "sweat

For us at Vegano Flavors it is much more. Spices, smells, community and the culture that brings food to life.

With the concept of Vegano Flavors, and 100% vegan, oriental cuisine, we are unique in Germany.

He who keeps the promise acquires praise.

(arabic wisdom)
Discover the taste of the Orient

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Maybe our small restaurant seems a little inconspicuous and reserved. Once they are with us, they will love it. Oriental simplicity. Great people and exceptionally good food will make you forget your everyday life for a while. We take you into the realm of oriental pleasures.

Vegan, without animal suffering, authentic. We are looking forward to them.

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  • Tuesday-Thursday
  • Friday & Saturday
  • Sunday

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